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Wow, that is bigger than I was expecting it to be (TWSS)
New h1z1 map DayZ database style. [link]
Reddit really needs to put the pitch forks away. We've known for months that there were going to be supply drops. Also anyone can just kill you and loot it for themselves.
You're not getting a refund because it's p2w? :sick: [link]
I did get tired of neckbeards mouth breathing into their mics because they don't know wtf push to talk is though.
I was able to play this morning for a few hours without a problem.
By the time I got in yesterday it was too late. Works fine today?
h1z1 isn't too bad so far. It's like a combination of Rust and DayZ SA, but not on a complete shit engine like DayZ SA.
Just a few days left, they're playing H1Z1 here [link]
Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 hype! [link]
This is a real game... [link]
Impossible. Stop Buying Graphics Cards
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