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Competition Guide
By Dillon
Topics Covered
Settings (mouse, video, audio, HUD, and performance)
Key Bindings
Gameplay Tips
Spawning: Rules of Thumb
Communication: Rules of Thumb
My Top 5 Assault Kits
My Top 3 Pistols
Other Information

Refer to the rivaLxfactor Youtube videos:
Network smoothing factor = 1/8
(this client-side setting will reduce your hit-box lag)
Minimap Opacity = 100%
Minimap Setting = Hybrid OR Satellite
Speaker System = Hi-Fi
Enhanced Stereo Mode = ON
Vertical Sync = OFF
When enabled, this setting results in input lag. I will add more commentary on this setting, below.
Stereoscopic 3d = OFF
Field of View Settings:
90 gives you a wide field of view but no extra zoom on your weapon
60 gives you a narrower field of view but zooms your weapon in considerably
Find a sweet spot between 70 and 80 which results in a good fov AND added zoom (to assist in aiming)
Texture / Shadow / Effects / Terrain settings = LOW
(Low settings reduce eye candy to improve visual spotting)
Mesh Quality = High/Ultra
(this controls how far away objects and players are rendered)
Antialiasing Deferred = OFF
Antialiasing Post = High
Motion Blur = OFF
Antistrophic Filter = x8/x16
Ambient Inclusion = OFF
Colorblind Support = ON

User.cfg File Adjustments:
You can either type these console commands in every time you launch your game, or create a user.cfg file
To create this file, go to \Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3\ directory
Right click to create a new .txt document titled "user.cfg" (make sure the file name is not user.cfg.txt).
RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit = 0 or 1 or 2
(Set this to 0 if you have a really good rig. 1 offloads some prediction to CPU)
(If you start experiencing frame problems or rubberbanding, set this to 1 or 2)
Gametime.MaxvariableFps 60
This should be coupled with the VSYNC = OFF setting.
This does the same thing as turning Vsync ON, but doesn’t have the input lag caused by that setting
Use Gametime.MaxvariableFps 120 if you have a 120hz monitor

Move HUD elements inwards:
If you have a large monitor, this allows you to see the mini-map, ammo counter, etc in your peripheral vision.
Open your settings file @ C:\Users\you\Documents\Battlefield 3\Settings\PROF_save_profile
Edit with notepad, use the search function to find and edit the following values:
GstRender.ScreenSafeAreaWidth 0.7
GstRender.ScreenSafeAreaHeight 0.7
Be sure to save the file without the .txt extension.
If the hud disappears/distorts, the values may have to be edited (.85, .8, .75, .7, .65, .6, .55, etc).

There are several keys you want to be able to hit while concurrently moving and maneuvering.
Make sure to bind the following actions to easy-access buttons:
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Med Pack
Defib Paddles
Push To Talk
Prone / Crouch / Jump

Put medpacks down as you get to your spot
If you kill or see multiple downed enemies, keep an eye on the bodies for up to 10 seconds
In most cases, you should NOT revive teammates immediately after they go down
You have 10 seconds to revive
Often, the enemy is watching the dead body
Peak and secure, then res (revive) when appropriate
Make reviving teammates a PRIORITY on assault and a CONSIDERATION on defense
Listen for audio cues which may give away the enemy position
Listen for footsteps
Listen for med and ammo pack drops
Listen for grenade alerts
Listen for TUGS and Spawn Beacon beeps
Listen for parachutes
Use different bursts for different ranges
Long Range = 1-3 bullet tap fire (edit: tap fire does not work as well after the april patch)
Mid to Long Range = 4-5 bullet burst
Mid Range = 5-8 bullet burst
Close Range = 8+
rivaL xfactor has a nice youtube video regarding burst fire in BF3:
Aim for the upper chest at most distances
Aim for the head at stationary close-range targets
Aim for the head at long range
At long range, bullets do 15-19 damage
Consider bullet drop in your aim
Reset your aim bonus by reloading
Aim bonus is received when zoomed
Half clip = Half aim bonus
Aim bonus only applies when stationary
Movement while shooting:
Do not move if target is not aimed back at you
At close range and close to mid range, dodge left/right
At middle and far range, minimize movement while shooting
When scoping a sector, hold sights at potential chest or head level
Aiming at the ground (when scoped) gives an open view but results in a slower target acquisition
You will be able to react more quickly by aiming at the anticipated chest or head level
Avoid firing while concurrently scoping in
This results in very inaccurate fire
On assault, try to keep at least one teammate near as you move up
Coordinate COM rushes
Cover each other (when necessary, 1 moves while 1 scopes up)
Res when safe
Utilize quick peaking
(to check and pre-aim towards popular spots)
Utilize pre-fire at certain chokepoints
e.g. locker hallway on metro
Utilize the Mini Map to spot enemy positions
On defense, monitor assault tickets via the scoreboard
Check ticket count during resets or wipes
This check also gives you intel on enemy revives and wipes
Keep an eye out for the squad wipe ribbon
If you kill the last alive, a small blue text notification will display on the bottom of your screen
The notification will say “Enemy Squad Eliminated”
On defense, after assault plants the COM, at least one member should spawn in with smoke
On defense, after COM plant, use the first 20 seconds to get position and go for picks. Then attack together.

No one should have to tell you where to spawn.
Base your spawn decision off of a smart assessment of 3 things:
The current situation
The position of your teammates
The most recent strat call or adjustment
…Do not spawn on someone during a firefight
…Do not spawn on someone in a vulnerable position. Go deployment or wait until they have proper cover
…Take a peek at each teammate’s location and make a smart decision on whether to spawn back at deployment or to spawn on a teammate
…If you are the last alive: find a hiding spot. This allows your teammates to decide between your spawn point and deployment.

Focus on communicating information that your teammates will actually benefit from (namely enemy positions, flanks, rushes, and your own deaths)
Say “I’m down” when you are killed and communicate how you died
(especially on defense)
(especially when you are responsible for a sector)
(e.g. “I’m down, on my body” ) or (e.g. “I’m down, one b roof”)
Be clear, be precise, and be quick with your comms
Call out enemy rushes
Call out flank attempts and breaches
Call out squad wipes IMMEDIATELY
( “wipe wipe wipe” )
Call your kill if someone previously spotted that downed soldier
( e.g. “flanker down” or “bomb down” )
Call your kill if your team may be in a position to benefit from the pick
( e.g. “house down” / “com down” )
Do NOT call picks if you know their guy will just be immediately revived
Do NOT call early picks if your squad is in no position to benefit from it
Do NOT hold your push to talk button if you get upset about something
And again, it is NOT necessary to call out every kill you make

((in no particular order))
AK-74M + Heavy Barrel + Kobra/Holo
Strengths: excels at long range combat due to the very low recoil, fast reload, very accurate
Weaknesses: The rounds per minute is significantly lower than most other assault rifles
M16A3 + Heavy Barrel + Kobra/Holo
Strengths: great weapon for every distance, fast reload, extremely accurate, good damage at distance
Weaknesses: Recoil control will take some time to master
M16A3 + Flash Suppressor + Kobra/Holo
Strengths: great weapon for every distance, fast reload, good accuracy, low recoil
Weaknesses: Weapon accuracy and damage at distance is slightly lower in comparison to the hb
AEK-971 + Foregrip + Heavy Barrel + Kobra/Iron Sights
Strengths: great weapon for medium and close quarters combat, fast reload, very fast rpm, low recoil
Weaknesses: The recoil and muzzle drift make this weapon tough to use at long ranges
AUG-A3 + Heavy Barrel + Kobra/Holo
Strengths: very accurate at mid and close range, very low recoil, bullpup design = fast ADS movement
Weaknesses: The RPM is slightly lower than the M16A3, accuracy at long range is questionable

((in no particular order))
44 Magnum

In squad rush, on bomb plant, defense has 60 seconds to defuse
On assault, on bomb explosion, assault must wait 30 seconds before boundaries reset
When a player goes down, you have 10 seconds to revive them
Standing on a med pack gives you 10HP/second
Body multipliers for most weapons are:
Head 2.0
Torso 1.0
Arms 1.0
Legs 0.9
Hardcore = 60% health and no HUD display
Damage Charts, Accuracy Plots, and Attachment Info:

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